Voyeurism Into The Blogosphere:

Before I started writing for Paul Shirley on FlipCollective.com, he asked me to send him a writing sample to ensure that I wasn’t a completely shitty writer. Excited by the challenge, I immediately headed to my favorite coffee shop and banged out what I considered to be an amazing op-ed regarding the benefits of being single. It was fresh, funny, and obscene. Just like me.

After careful editing and consultation with my trusted friend and employer, I emailed it off to Paul, hoping to prove myself literary and worthy of a shot at FlipCollective. Since it had been such a long time since I had written creatively (I wouldn’t consider my grad school papers creative, necessarily), I felt like I was venturing into new territory. In the subject line I typed, “Voyeurism into Creative Writing.” I took a deep breath and clicked “Send.” Off into cyberspace it traveled, landing in Paul’s inbox a few short moments later.

On pins and needles for the next two days, I wasn’t sure if Paul would like what I had written. I only wanted a chance to contribute to a¬†Frierian-style community of writers; to improve whatever literary skill set I had. Finally, after almost two whole days of waiting for his response, Paul’s e-mail appeared in my inbox: “RE: Voyeurism into Creative Writing.” I opened it.

“You meant ‘foray,’ right?

Other than the subject line, I really, really liked this.
So what do you think? Do you have more in you? Do you want to join us for awhile, see how it goes?”
Suddenly I felt very hot. The blood rushed to my cheeks and I flushed in embarrassment. Voyeurism?! What an idiot, I thought. Now he not only thinks I am an utter fool, but also a Peeping Tom. Great.
But foray I did, into a process of writing, editing, and publishing I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. Here you’ll find pieces from FlipCollective.com as well as other blurbs as time allows and my brain sees fit. Behold, my Voyeurism Into The Blogosphere.

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